PT. DATAPATI TARA ANDHIKA @ Garibaldi - Juni 08, 2018!

PT DATAPATI TARA ANDHIKA We believe in growing together with our clients as a team


About Us

Since 1989 Datapati is the strategic one-stop Advertising Agency offering board-reaching 'above the line'
and integrated 'through the line' promotional material.
We provide exceptional service and deliver on time, on budget,quality results, from conceptual, development all through to production. 
This is why we are the choice of many local, national and international clients, ranging from sole-traders to multinational.
Our unique culture and operational style allow us to maintain a lean and agile organizational profile,
ready to provide quick responses whenever and wherever required.
We are truly commited to working to the highest standards,
because we believe that our success can only be measured by the success of our clients.